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Life at Videoly for Brands – New Business, New Possibilities
Nov 9, 2022
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Life at Videoly for Brands – New Business, New Possibilities

Pinja is Key Account Manager at Videoly for Brands, the video distribution solution that lets brands take control of how and where their videos are shown.

I’ve been at Videoly for six months now. And it’s flown by! 

My work is focused on developing our partnerships with brands. That means I take the time to know and understand brands’ needs. I spot opportunities for how Videoly for Brands can help them reach their goals. And of course nurturing existing partnerships is pivotal.

Spearhead an entire solution

Videoly for Brands is a new business area – it’s almost like a startup within Videoly. This is one of the most exciting things about working here. It’s a chance to develop and shape the entire business from the ground up. We’re a compact team so we have to optimize our processes, and improve them as we go along.

A role where challenges are opportunities

My work goes beyond key account management. I’m involved in all areas of Videoly for Brands – product development, marketing, sales, demo booking. This type of pioneering role means a curious mindset is essential. I need to be persistent and not be afraid to try new things. There’s a special focus on turning challenges into opportunities that makes working here particularly rewarding. Every day is a learning opportunity!

International environment

Variety is a significant feature of my working life. Videoly has offices in northern Europe and North America, plus colleagues from around the world. And our current and potential brand partners are a mix of sizes, industries and markets. So I get to learn about different business areas every day.


If Pinja’s story resonates with you, check out the latest career openings at Videoly! And to find out more about Videoly for Brands, take a peek at the kind of brands we’re helping achieve perfect video distribution.

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